Melanie Kerbs

Want to learn and jam on an instrument?
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Teaching Beginning to Advanced Violin, Beginning Viola, Beginning Piano, Beginning Ukulele, and Beginning Guitar.

A picture of me with violin

I instil in my students: How to sight read, theory, technique of the instruments, compositions, improvisation, memorization, and ear training.

My favorite part of teaching is exposing students to what they want to learn, music they enjoy and the various types of music.

I also wrote an album, called "Where The Heart Sets Free". All the violin parts were written by me. This can be access at: "" to download or preview all songs.

My Bio

I started violin at age five, as a question was asked by my mother, "what instrument would you like to learn to play?". My brother Darren is a gifted leader and entertainer was also asked the question, and he said, "piano".
I went to a Japanese Suzuki and talent show with violins and told my mom, "it's violin". We still play our instruments together after many years of taking our instruments seriously.

I chose the violin, because of the tenderness and exaggerations it could compose with its bow. I started with the Suzuki approach method in Nampa, Idaho, and proceeded to take lessons from Julienne Slaughter of Twin Falls, Idaho, until I was 17. During my latter years of high school and beginning of college I took lessons from Leah Telford of

I played violin for Magic Valley Symphony, Diletannes, Jump Company, and church growing up.

I attended Linfield College, 1992-1993 and took lessons from Aida Baker, of Moscow, Russia, theory with Daniel Bukvich and violin with Robert Billups, of the University of Idaho 1994-1995, private viola with David Johnson of the College of Idaho and private violin with Craig Purdy of BSU.

Writing and composition didn't start until around 1992. My years of teaching began in 1993, when I was allowed to explore different schools of music concepts.

In November 2018, my students played at Ketchum Burrito with spicy Latin numbers and in December played for Jingle at Java for Christmas.

Shelia Nelson's workshops at Sun Valley Summer Symphony and the Suzuki approach both allowed me to receive college credits.

On Piano, I studied in high school with Georgia Blastock, of Filer, Idaho, and Barbara Mix, of Twin Falls, and Jodi Hardman, of Hagerman, Idaho. I also took counting lessons from Ted Hadley and voice from Bill Sweet.

I learned guitar from Ken Reynolds, of Music Center, a fantastic teacher! And I investigated Ukulele myself.

Check out one of my songs here: